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Top Luxury Hotels Around The World

The idea of staying in a luxury hotel is something that the vast majority find very attractive. There is no denying the fact that there are some truly impressive luxurious hotels around the world and in this article, we shall look at the particularly special ones. From the finest cuisine to golden taps, the experience of staying in one of these hotels is nearly always truly special.

The Savoy, London

Perfectly situated at the north bank of the famous River Thames, and placed within Convent Garden’s vibrant theater and shopping district, The Savoy is arguably the most celebrated and utterly luxurious hotel in London. This famous hotel was opened on 6th August, 1889 and it has a total of 263 rooms, most of which overlook the River Thames or otherwise have an impressive panoramic view across central London.

The Savoy has featured many films such as The Long Good Friday starring Bob Hoskins and so, it is one of the most appealing luxury hotels.

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The Plaza Hotel, New York

In its time, the Plaza Hotel was a huge building, but as years passed, it has been slowly surrounded by modern skyscrapers and tower blocks. However, it is still one of the most famous luxurious hotels in New York. On its opening night, a room would have gone for a modest $2.50 and today, the same room would go for around $3700. The Plaza Hotel, along with Waldorf-Astoria is the only hotel to be called a National Historic Landmark. The Plaza is located in Manhattan, 59th street and on the corner of 5th avenues.

Le Bristol Hotel In Paris

This is another one of the most famous luxurious hotels in the entire globe. Located in the heart of the French capital, Le Bristol is truly a unique hotel with a wide selection of 18th and 19th century paintings that were said to have charmed some of the most beautiful ladies. Aesthetically, Le Bristol is a blend of Gobelin tapestries and Carrara marble. Famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner have been said to have stayed here and were truly amazed by the understated opulence of the old Le Bristol Hotel.

There are certainly many other top class hotels around the globe that offer such facilities and boast of similar features. However, the selection of the hotels above is unique as they were among the first hotels to offer this level of comfort and service to their guests. From Paris to New York, and other many cities, the choice of luxurious hotels means that the hotel enthusiasts can find remarkable digs wherever they tour.

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