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Understanding Simon Herrick

Simon Herrick has been a boon to the CEO trade for much of his career. With a proven track record of excellence, he has never steered a company wrong. No matter what industry he has worked within, he has always performed far above the bar. Indeed, he has brought great success to every company he has worked for in the last 30 years.

This is a track record that few others come close to meeting. Instead, many others have found themselves repeatedly reaching for the bar and never quite managing to grasp onto it. This is due in part to his optimism and commitment to always striving towards improvement.
spent six years working for Kesa Electricals PLC, bringing them into an age of record profits and outstanding success. This commitment to the company led to greater opportunities both within the community and their partners. His visionary tactics led to greater improvements than many could have imagined when he was first hired. His tenure, was marked by an overall positive atmosphere within the company.

In all of his positions, he has shown great dedication to international understanding. Instead of avoiding international contacts and working through a translator, he has developed bi-lingual skills and shown himself more than capable. This dedication to international guidance has allowed for him to move seamlessly between different areas of the UK and France without sacrificing the quality that he is well known for putting forth. is a man who has dedicated his life to being the best CEO and CFO that one could possibly know. This has led to a successful experience for himself and those around him as well. With a record of excellence, an eye for detail, and a commitment to community, he is a true visionary within his field.

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